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FOX News
May 3, 2014 3:00am PDT
ukrainian soldiers dead. president obama promising even tough iter sanctions against russia. looks like a scene straight out of the movie. two men wearing business suits and fake were wigs. sprayed several esm employees and shocking one many times. no one was seriously thursday there. the robbers are still on the loose. no word on how much money they got away with. ivanka trump knows who she would like to see in the white house. her father. she told greta van susteren, trump would make a fabulous president because of his viewpoints and because of the fact that he listens and cares about people. >> as an american, i would love him to run for president. he is incredibly smart, incredibly knowledgeable. he has had tremendous experiences which would prepare him for the challenge. as a daughter, it's more complicated, obviously. it's a very tough life afternoon the political one is a challenge. >> well, we have been asking mr. trump if he is running but he keeps telling us, we will see what happens. >> and ben affleck may be great at run aring a gambling racket in the movies like this. >> wh
FOX News
Apr 26, 2014 3:00am PDT
on more sanctions for russia as ukraine fears an imminent invasion. u.s. sanctions could be levied as early as this monday. early overnight president obama arrives in malaysian on third leg. conduct a nuclear test during the president's trip. anna? there is a second wave of the flew sweeping the country and hitting kids especially hard. what do you need to look out for and how do you know if it's the flu or something else like allergies? joining us now is nurse practitioner the founder of mid level u. good morning how are you? >> i know you said this super winter is causing worse allergies. how do we tell it's just allergies or we really have the flu. >> good rule of thumb is that allergy are more debilitating. flu you get body aches, high fever temperatures 101, 102. severe headache and a lot of the hacking cough. allergies, you get more of runny nose, congestion, itchy watering eyes and sneezing. flu people tell me they have been hit by a truck. allergies they are not so bad. they are annoying but don't make you feel ill all over. >> this isn't the time we normally think about ge
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2